Area cribrosa

La lamina cribrosa (detta anche cribriforme oppure cribiforme) rappresenta la porzione orizzontale dell’osso etmoide. These protrusions are called renal papillae, whose surface is perforated by openings of numerous papillary ducts (of Bellini) and is thus called the area cribrosa. Papillary ducts (of Bellini): Named after Lorenz Bellini, the .

Definition of area cribrosa papillae renalis. Provided by Stedman’s medical dictionary and Drugs. Deshalb bezeichnet man diesen Abschnitt der Papillenspitze auch als Area cribrosa. Fachgebiete: Bauch- und Beckeneingeweide, .

Sammelrohren durchlöcherte Fläche auf der Spitze jeder Markpyramide der Niere. You may see papillary ducts (of Bellini) opening into the calyx at the papillary apex (area cribrosa). Examine the histology of the wall of calyx. The apex of the renal papilla penetrated by 10-openings of the papillary ducts.

TA g ????????? ???? f??? i area cribrosa f d Area cribrosa f cribriform fascia n; fascia cribrosa TA; . Area facialis, with (2′) internal opening of the facial canal. Ridge separating the area facialis from the area cribrosa superior. In general, the area cribrosa was lying on the convex tip and only occasionally in a slight lateral depression (Fig.

12). The papillae present at the kidney poles .

Where the optic nerve leaves the eyeball, the sclera is sievelike (area cribrosa sclerae). Here the collagen, elastic, and reticular fiber bundles of the sclera form a . Es gibt noch kein Bild mit diesem anatomischen Teil. Für dieses anatomische Teil gibt es noch keine . Salut, Je voulais vous demander, à propos du rein, si l’AREA CRIBROSA et la PAPILLE étaient deux choses différentes ?